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Big Brother is going
going off to war
he plans to enlist
to help even up the score.

He's off to basic
off to train and learn how to fight
little does he know
I'm scared to let him leave my sight

Little sister is staying
staying to live her dreams
I sincerely pray for her
that life will be what it seems

She'll be off to college
off to expand her growing mind
she wants to explore
to she what all she can find

Still at the crossroads
trying to decide my fate
while swiftly being approached
by that final date
Ink wash done in Advance art, In the picture is two of my closes friends and myself (Im in the middle). They're like family to me, hint the title "Big Brother Little Sister

Ink wash, 30 by 20 inches

Poem was written while i was painting this, kind of an explanation of whats going on a such

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May 25, 2012
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